The Metaverse is emerging as a framework to bring together digital technologies like AR, VR, and blockchain to form new immersive virtual world experiences. The top 6 metaverse coins/tokens are now worth over 21 billion; including Decentraland and Axie Infinity which are the top 2. However, as we progress in 2022 there will be more drive to bring the Metaverse experience and associated products into the mainstream.

There are currently over 6.37 billion smartphones in the world which can play an important role as a touchpoint to the real world and metaverse adoption, but also to provide common secure digital identity for people, business, IoT devices, and their data so that they can operate across real and virtual worlds as a basis for secure metaverse transactions across both.

Webinar Discussion Topics

  • Emerging Metaverse Business Models
  • Smartphones can be middleware and common digital identity across real and virtual worlds
  • Tokenisation/NFTs and digital barter the new metaverse medium of exchange.
  • DeFi and CeFi providing new finance models

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