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Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Job Description

The circle is searching for a Senior Site Reliability Engineer who will work on developing and expanding services that are managed by AWS (Amazon Web Services). This job will open many possibilities for you to enhance your skills and knowledge. You will work in an environment that promotes equal opportunities, collaboration, and appreciates diversity. Eloquence, dedication, and integrity are the qualities that are immensely appreciated. You will learn and improve your abilities and skills in an environment that is fun and changes quickly.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Making the configuration of AWS infrastructure automated using AWS APIs in programming languages (Python).
  • Your job will be to create and design strong and excessive infrastructure across the region.
  • Planning and examining procedures for recovery in cases of disaster for microservices architecture.
  • Create secure tools and frameworks.
  • Collaborate with other Circle teams.
  • You will work on providing guidance and finding ways to improve in order to meet the demands of customers.
  • Learn and build your abilities and experience.
  • You will need to ensure good cooperation and communication with your colleagues.

Requirements and Skills

  • More than 5 years of experience working as SysOps Administrator.
  • Experience in working as a Solutions Architect or DevOps Engineer is preferable.
  • Good knowledge and experience with AWS are of great importance.
  • Proficient in AWS services, but also IAM, VPC, and Kinesis.
  • Understanding of PKI and PGP safety systems.
  • Understanding elements such as DNS, ICMP, and TCP/IP are imperative.
  • You will need to have the experience with log systems like Splunk, ELK and similar.
  • Previous work that included managing the monitoring and alerting abilities using Kibana, Datadog and Kinesis Analytics.
  • Understanding of crypto finances and blockchain technology.
  • You need to be efficient in solving problems and communicating easily in your work environment.
  • Consider the problems that sometimes occur as a chance to build your experience and to improve your understanding of digital technology.
  • You need to be curious in order to achieve high levels of expertise.

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