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Production DevOps Engineer – Tech/Blockchain

Job Description

ConsenSys is looking for a witty and emancipated DevOps Engineer, who will help the company flourish its business and maintain its mission statement to provide, optimal and smart blockchain solutions to the customers who are looking to automate their spaghetti network of customers. You should be prone to challenges and logical tough times to join our supply and adaptable habitat at ConsenSys.

Responsibilities And Duties

Some responsibilities that will be entrusted upon the developer are as follows:

  • Providing instantaneous solutions to the already existing pieces of code, through the infusion of new ideas.
  • Pointing out the ambiguousness in the algorithms and timely identifications of development issues.
  • In case of system alerts, providing the best troubleshooting at the very instant and rehabilitation of any deadlocks.
  • Act as a militant for our systems in case of system alerts, if on duty and be the first to solve the issues, as a responsibility.
  • Getting to know the team and their developing patterns, so that the new developer, might understand the insights, logic, and alignment of the already developed logic.

Requirements And Skills

Some skills that an applicant should have to include the following items:

  • A thorough insight on the knowledge of rules for developing the distributed systems.
  • Experience of two or more years, of working on the managerial side in operation teams and application development using micro-service action plan and cloud-based development.
  • Scripting experience of two or more years in Python/bash/go.
  • Immediate working experience with cloud services like AWS and Azure.
  • Professionalism, adaptability, and aspiration to get something new in their experience basket.
  • Pro ability to speak in fluent English and write technically.
  • Ability to learn and getting intimate with the new tech and tools, immediately.
  • Having a firm grasp over solving logical problems in a continuously advancing ecosystem.
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