Tokenization has emerged as one of the formidable drivers for digital transformation in the present times. With the help of blockchain technology, tokenization can support the digital representation of shared or complete ownership of any asset with value. According to predictions by IDC, the global tokenized asset market would reach a value of $500 billion by 2025. Tokenization has evolved as a crucial instrument for optimizing business processes involving multiple stakeholders alongside introducing new business models.  

The concept of blockchain tokenization has been gaining a lot of attention recently. Most important of all, tokenization has found its way to practical use cases in many traditional industries such as artwork, real estate, and equities. As the value of tokenization continues to grow, many new asset classes are becoming eligible for blockchain tokenization. At the same time, the demand for learning more about tokenization fundamentals has started gaining momentum. 

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  • Fundamentals of tokenization
  • Stages of tokenization
  • Advantages and disadvantages of tokenization
  • History, examples and projections

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