Creating an online marketplace of used parts in a $4 billion industry in which almost none of it is done online is already a daunting task. While there are about 20 Aerospace e-commerce trading sites today, no one has figured out how to move the industry to true e-commerce.

Add to this the need to operate in a market constantly pressed by dynamics that see disrupting internet-based models (Amazon one for all) taking the lead and changing the landscape of how e-commerce trading sites must operate.

While the most still struggle to find a way out to resist this business scenario, more forward-looking organizations are watching this space as a great opportunity to create a competitive edge. And size doesn’t mean much: while startups and small companies are certainly more agile to make turns and follow the stream, some global multinationals are proving strong capabilities to adapt their business models and take advantage of innovative technologies.

The webinar will illustrate the activities of GoDirect Trade, Honeywell’s e-marketplace of aerospace used parts that leverages blockchain to manufacture trust and in which all blockchain events build up a part pedigree.

This Webinar on How a 100-year old company is using blockchain every single day is hosted by 101 Blockchains:

  • Lisa Butters, General Manager, GoDirect Trade, Honeywell
  • Enrico Camerinelli, VP Research at 101 Blockchains

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Creating an Aerospace Marketplace
  • Zero-to-ten Blockchain Platform
  • Changing the Game for Supply Chain

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