ON-DEMAND Webinar: Hardware Wallets & Digital Twins Practical Use Cases


Solid end-to-end blockchain technology use cases that create an impact in the real industrial world remain elusive.

Innovation leaders in the field of physical blockchain are facing many challenges, like, for example, new types of embedded crypto-hardware or agile transaction signature processes.

We can all readily understand how well-suited blockchain technologies are to manage the interdependencies and security framework between self-driving vehicles and their surrounding traffic management infrastructure. It is, however, a lot harder to establish the first projects that help the automotive industry steer in that direction. The ‘Mobility Blockchain Platform’ that Riddle & Code created with Daimler Mobility and other blockchain companies is one example. It will also highlight how hardware crypto modules and digital twins on the blockchain can enable both regulatory compliance and more robust security. This initiative shows how other sectors can benefit from the lead the financial industries have taken in adopting blockchain technologies and tokenization.

The webinar will showcase some reference projects that Riddle & Code, one of the technical enablers behind the ‘Mobility Blockchain Platform’, has worked on in the automotive, mobility and IoT space. Sebastian Becker will describe RIDDLE&CODE projects from business, market, technology and end-user perspectives.

101 Blockchains host this Webinar on Hardware Wallets & Digital Twins Practical Use Cases:

  • Sebastian Becker, Chief Commercial Officer, Riddle & Code GmbH
  • Enrico Camerinelli, VP Research at 101 Blockchains

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Identity-based blockchain hardware solutions
  • IoT hardware wallet examples
  • Reference Projects in the automotive and industrial IoT space

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