The Crypto Summit

The Crypto Summit is a four-day summit that is going to take place in Mallorca, Spain. It is a conference where you will be able to engage with experts, affiliates and crypto community insiders. You will also be able to get your hands dirty with the workshops for beginners. The conference solely covers cryptocurrency, and if you are interested, you can become part of the conference. At the conference, you will be able to get familiar with the help of the experts at the conference. These experts have worked in the market for years, and you surely do not want to miss out on what's an offer.

Blockchain will also be at the center stage, and you will also be able to meet with experts from the blockchain community.

Networking opportunities

With experts joining from all across the world, you will get proper networking opportunity to build business relationships, and be part of the networking events. You will also get access to the business people which will help you learn about the business and blockchain. There will also be a proper setting for proper networking. You will get delicious food, excellent surrounding, and stellar entertainment. The event will take place at one of the best European exclusive business events. The hotel name is Eurowebainment.

Key things about the event.

Meeting experts and insiders from both blockchain and crypto community

  • Presentation, prime, and information on regulations and law, applications and technologies, ICOs, cryptocurrencies and much more!
  • Take benefit of All-in-one Package - It lets you take proper benefit of what's on offer at the event -- it can be keynotes, networking, food, VIP-access and more!
  • Do workshops with panels and experts on crypto-currencies, online marketing, affiliates, and trading.

Why should you attend the Crypto Summit?

The following are the reasons why you should attend the Crypto Summit.

  • Great speakers who are internationally recognized. They will share current challenges and problems and discuss probable solutions about them.
  • An excellent list of participants which means that you can meet investors, decision makers, industry leaders and more!
  • Tons of topics to be discussed including finance, ICO, trading, blockchain, crypto and more!


The agenda of the conference will include business meetings, speeches, keynote speech, workshops, networking event, and panel discussion. There will also be breaks in between.


There will be a lot of speakers that will be attending the conference. Few of them are listed below.

  • Marion Vogel on The origins of blockchain technology.
  • Gerald Horhan on Crypto and Blockchain
  • Matthias Langer - Taxation of digital nomads: Solutions and Pitfalls
  • Dr. Thomas Feldkircher

and many more!


The registration will cost you €399.00 which will give you full access to the conference. The registration cost for the Memberfees resident is only €99.00.