Today’s financial technology is disconnected, siloed, and require traditional intermediaries. Lack of standards and interoperability give rise to disconnected trade systems that do not speak to one another, while valuable trade data is trapped in different siloed applications making it hard to collaborate and even harder to verify. All these issues result in large pools of trade assets not accessible for funding by financial institutions, at the detriment of enterprises (large and small) that operate internationally.

Because of this, the industry is now in search of a new networks. Such networks require the creation of network effects, hence the dramatic rise in the number of trade finance consortia and industry initiatives focused on creating better-connected ecosystem.

The webinar will present the experience of TradeIX, a company that decided to use cutting edge technology and an innovative business model to rewire global trade and supply chains and to give rise to the “internet of trade.”

This Webinar on Enterprise Blockchain Networks – TradeIX is hosted by 101 Blockchains:

  • Daniel Cotti, Managing Director, Center of Excellence, Banking & Trade, TradeIX
  • Enrico Camerinelli, VP Research at 101 Blockchains

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Deciding to operate in trade finance
  • Distributed ledger technology in global trade
  • Enterprise blockchain networks in trade finance

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