International trade in goods and services is increasingly being recognized as a force for creation of economic value, growth, and recovery since the 2008 global crisis. One of the key characteristics of trade is that public policy can influence change on a global scale through trade facilitation, a mature discipline with business solutions that streamline trade operations and are deployed both in economically advanced countries and in developing economies.

Given that international trade has a strong legacy in paper-intensive manual operations, today financial institutions, regulatory bodies, industry associations and individual enterprises all agree it is time to remove the inherent inefficiencies and adopt innovative and potentially disruptive technologies that will allow them to leapfrog the gap between international trade industry and technologically advanced players.

That has brought the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) to jointly work on a research document that analyzes the advent of new technologies, particularly distributed ledger technologies. The study provides an overview of the main projects underway in trade, with a focus on trade finance, shipping, and the digitalization of trade documents, and assesses their stages of maturity.

This webinar presents the current state-of-art of the Global Trade & Blockchain platform, a WTO and ICC initiative to convene an open online dialogue among multilateral and regional institutions, think tanks, business associations, governments, consortia/platforms and businesses from around the world regarding the blockchain technology.

This Webinar on Digital Trade in Financial Services And the role of Blockchain is hosted by 101 Blockchains:

  • David Bischof, Deputy Director, Finance for Development Hub at ICC
  • Enrico Camerinelli, VP Research at 101 Blockchains

Webinar Discussion topics:

  • The Roadmap for digital trade in financial services
  • Data sharing & privacy
  • Interoperability & Standardisation
  • Legal framework
  • Knowledge Sharing & Communication

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