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October 29, 2020 | 3:00 p.m. CET | 10:00 a.m ET

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“Blockchains are not only for cryptocurrencies”. This is a many times heard mantra that every experienced practitioner will subscribe to. This is not to say that cryptocurrencies must be outcast from the blockchain community, but only to reiterate that the world of blockchain protocols—especially the enterprise world—demands solutions that surpass the pure exchange of currency values running on cryptographic algorithms.

Disaffection and suspicion against cryptocurrencies has exacerbated with the demise of the numerous initial coin offerings (ICOs) that sprouted in an almost uncontrolled manner in the past few years. The vast majority revealed to be pure scams, or—in the most benevolent way—unconsidered risky adventures with no real business substance nor background.

Each ICO launched a blockchain-based project and created a cryptocurrency that investors would have used to monetize the results of the projects’ so much touted propositions and promises. Most of these projects miserably failed, leaving unscrupulous ICO founders with the rich spoils and the careless investors with bad taste and empty (digital) pockets.

These facts must not- however- tarnish the extraordinary capabilities of decentralized distributed ledger technologies to exchange digital assets representing title of ownership.

Event Program (CET/ET)


Conference Opening 


Opening keynote: The Impact of Digital Assets On Today’s Business

Daniel Eidan, Solution Architect, R3


Panel 1- Digital Assets

Dean Demellweek, Digital Transformation Leader, BNP Paribas

Ezechiel Copic, Partner, Head of Official Sector Engagement, CLabs


Keynote: Rise of the central bank digital currenciesdriversapproaches and technologies

Raphael Auer, Principal Economist, Innovation and Digital Economy, Bank for International Settlements


Panel 2- Central Bank Digital Currencies

John Ho, Head, Legal, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank

John Velissarios, Global Managing Director, Blockchain Technology Lead, Accenture


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October 29, 2020 | 3:00 p.m. CET

Watch now On-Demand! 


This Virtual Conference will focus on two key topics:

Digital Assets

Once the speculative nature of digital assets exchanges (i.e., currencies) is removed and it’s replaced with the sound proposition to streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure collaborative transactions between peers, then blockchain raises as the technology infrastructure that enables the creation of a physical asset’s “digital twin” and the exchange of this across a networks of peer nodes.

Moving goods across the supply chain will correspond to trading titles of ownership between buyers and suppliers: a purchase order will represent a “title to deliver” exchanged from the buyer to the supplier; a bill of lading that represents the cargo list will be replaced by its digital asset, that the blockchain infrastructure will make unique, not “double-spendable”, and irrevocable.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

The notion that volatility of a cryptocurrency is not intrinsic within the digital asset itself but—rather—a consequence of how it’s used (e.g., speculative instrument of an ICO investment) has made also banks reconsider digital assets under renewed light: end-of-day clearing and settlement operations between financial institutions can be dramatically simplified with the automatic matching of blockchain-based digital representations of credit and debit notes. Similarly, payments can be executed by means of peer-to-peer exchanges of digital tokens and cross-border currency exchanges become seamless transactions in which smart contracts execute the conversion between digital currency token values.

Central banks are not immune from all this, and the attention on how to ensure a positive use of regulated digital currencies is paving the way to the creation and test adoption of central bank digital currencies (CDBC). To the point that the Bank of International Settlements—widely recognized as the ‘bank of central banks’— issued the paper ‘Central bank digital currencies ’ already in 2018 and- more recently- the annual economic report ‘Central banks and payments in the digital era ’.

This 101 Blockchains Virtual Conference gathers the best international experts to share opinions, current practices and challenges, offering the most up-to-date picture of Digital Assets and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

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