Decentralized Identity Fundamentals

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decentralized identity fundamentals course
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  • Understand the concept of decentralized identity

  • Learn more about the impact of new identity paradigms and the disruption of existing digital ecosystems

  • Understand the components required to develop Decentralized Identity systems


DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, is the biggest revolution in the world of finance and technology to date. The new DeFi course is an intermediate-level course that will extend your knowledge of DeFi basics. Starting from an overview of DeFi fundamentals, you will gradually learn about the significance of Ethereum for DeFi. 

The DeFi course includes a comprehensive overview of all the tools in the DeFi technology stack alongside the significance of layer 1 networks. At the same time, the course sheds light on the role of stablecoins. Learners will also develop a better impression of the lending and borrowing protocols in DeFi, alongside decentralized exchanges. Lastly, this course includes a dive into security and legal concerns related to DeFi. 

The intermediate-level DeFi course is a great tool for those who wish to further their DeFi knowledge and skills and become a DeFi expert.


What will we cover to help you get expertise in Decentralized Identity?

  • Description of the Decentralized Identity (DI) ecosystem

  • Familiarizing with the DI ecosystem

  • Understanding of different technologies required to enable DI

  • Using a mobile wallet to obtain a verified credential

  • Differentiating DI from existing digital identity systems

  • Explanation of the role of agent components

  • Understanding the relationship between verified credentials and decentralized identifiers with agents and information storage

  • Proposals for potential use cases of Decentralized Identity

This training course is for you because...

  • You want to develop a comprehensive understanding of decentralized identity and how it functions.

  • You are working as a senior decision-maker trying to figure out the ways in which DI can influence your organization, industry, operations, and systems.

  • You are a systems architect or developer seeking a technical primer on Decentralized Identity basics.

  • You are a technology professional seeking a suitable pathway for your career in the DI ecosystem.

  • You are an innovation manager, entrepreneur, or business leader focused on developing new products and business ideas revolving around DI

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  • Senior leaders and decision-makers

  • Innovation managers, business leaders, or entrepreneurs

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  • Developers and solutions architects

  • Product and program managers


The Decentralized Identity fundamentals course has been created especially for aspiring professionals who want to close the skill gap between getting formal education and becoming world-class enterprise experts. This course will provide you with more than just theoretical knowledge about DI concepts thanks to the many practical insights.

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