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Dianrong is a leading company in the blockchain market. It uses technology to provide security solutions to its customers. Dianrong serves individuals and enterprises as well. Its services are supported by its compliance, transparency, and industry-leading technology that includes DLT, ethreum, smart contract, etc. They integrate blockchain ideas into their services to develop unique decentralized storage. Their architecture is built by experts who are the leading blockchain technocrats in the world. The Dianrong’s flexible and sophisticated infrastructure allows it to modify the designs according to the requirements of its customers. Their technology is also designed to operate industry-specific insights and data. Their customers are well supported by operation tools and risk management techniques in the implementation phases.

Dianrong was founded by Soul Htite and Kevin Guo in the year of 2012. It was begun in the name of SinoLending. The recent merger of Diarong with the great finance companies DFIIG – Dalian Finance Industry Investment and DFDB – Dalian Finance Development Bureau has given a new dimension to the blockchain technology. Together with the financiers Diarong is now inventing security solutions and creating new trends in the platform of the blockchain.

The company offers simplified cross border transactions with its self – executing contracts. They offer their services in the fields of financial services, Internet of Things, health care and retailers. They also provide blockchain based concepts that help to avoid procedural delays exclusively designed for government agencies.  They also help to spread public service establishing their authenticity and making them more transparent.

With the company’s blockchain technology, the retailers can track their premium products. The company helps to secure health care records. It uses interoperable data infrastructure that will facilitate better clinical decisions. It serves the financial services with its advanced blockchain concepts by decentralizing the interacting devices.

The company also offers solutions to payment settlements around the world in seconds. As it uses the blockchain concepts the track of payment is unattainable. It also offers hyper ledger solutions which are an open – source collaborative effort of 250 companies to make advancements in blockchain technologies. By this, the platform of the network grows along with the customer.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Yawen Cui Chief Financial Officer
Soul Htite Founder and Executive Chairman
Kevin Guo Founder & Co-Chairman
Financial Services