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Certified Web 3.0 Professional (CW3P)™


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  • Develop an in-depth understanding of web3 fundamentals

  • Identify the benefits, challenges, and risks of web3

  • Learn about the potential use cases for web3 technologies


The Certified Web 3.0 Professional (CW3P) certification is a revolutionary certification that helps learners welcome the future of the internet. The CW3P certification course is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in understanding web 3.0 technologies. 

101 Blockchains aims to help every individual learn about the implications of web 3.0 technologies and their influence on existing infrastructures and solutions. The certification training course features detailed coverage of web 3.0 basics alongside the benefits and risks. In addition, the course will help you figure out the value of web 3.0 technologies by identifying their potential use cases. 

The Certified Web 3.0 Professional certification is the most reliable and exhaustive tool for anyone aspiring to learn about web 3.0 concepts.  


What do we cover to help you become a Certified Web3 Professional?

  • Blockchain Fundamentals

  • Web3 basics and the evolution of the internet

  • Web3 Use Cases and Benefits

  • The benefits and challenges of web3 technologies

  • Use cases of web3 in the metaverse, digital art, and many others

  • Ethereum Fundamentals, NFT Basics and Metaverse Fundamentals

  • The interplay between Ethereum, metaverse, NFTs, and web3.

The Certified Web3 Professional (CW3P) certification course is for you because…

  • You are excited to try out new web3 technologies and use them to improve existing solutions.

  • You want to obtain a leading web3 certification as part of your professional bio.

  • You are a digital content creator or artist seeking innovative solutions to monetize your work.

  • You are a product or program manager looking for a new technology foundation for your solutions.

  • You are an entrepreneur eager to try out new solutions based on web3 technologies.

"Global Web 3.0 Market Size to Reach USD 81.5 Billion in 2030" - Emergen Research

Course Curriculum

101 Blockchains


  • Products and Program Managers

  • Innovation Managers and Entrepreneurs

  • Advisors and Business Analysts

  • Digital Creators and Artists

  • Individuals interested in the opportunities presented by web3 technology

  • People interested in obtaining an industry-leading web3 certification


The Certified Web3 Professional course has been designed especially for ambitious professionals who want to close the skill gap between formal education and becoming a world-class web3 expert. Our purpose at 101 Blockchains is to give our students the right set of practical tools to be able to excel in the real world. This course will not only provide you with mere theoretical education, but you will also gain practical insights on web3 concepts through interactive exercises, demo videos, and whiteboard videos.

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Certified Web3 Professional

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