Participate in our latest webinar titled ‘Career Opportunities in IoT’ and find the proven best practices for building your career in IoT. Our webinar focuses on the definition of the Internet of Things or IoT and its broad range of applications in the real world. The webinar also involves important topics regarding the skills and capabilities required for becoming an IoT professional. Through this webinar, you will learn about the IoT value stack and the world of different layers of IoT. 

We also discuss the perspectives of businesses on IoT adoption. You will identify the scope for career development for IoT professionals in core business processes, managerial functions, and supporting processes. Most importantly, this webinar discusses two examples of career personas. We use career personas as effective tools for showcasing the available possibilities after comprehensive IoT training.

This webinar is for you if you want to learn

  • How to build your career in the Internet of Things?
  • Systematic approaches for analysis of best career opportunities in IoT.
  • Efficient methods for leveraging your skill set.
  • Successful examples for career development in IoT.

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