The Energy value chain comprises many ecosystems that span across generation, renewable sources, transmission, distribution systems, distributed energy and end-customers (i.e., households and enterprises).

Energy companies can avoid and resolve disruptions in current power systems by adopting new technologies that lead to decarbonization (e.g., growing share of renewables), digitization (e.g., cyber security, real time decision making, autonomous optimization), decentralization (e.g., end users become active actors of the power system), and electrification (e.g., improving network capacity utilization through transactions).

The webinar will present the experience of GE Digital’s ‘Grid-as-Platform’ strategy that leverages blockchain’s enabling technology infrastructure.

This Webinar on Blockchain’s New Energy is hosted by 101 Blockchains:

  • Maher Chebbo, GM & Global Chief Commercial/Innovation Officer Digital Energy Solutions, GE Digital
  • Enrico Camerinelli, VP Research at 101 Blockchains

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Digitalizing the Energy Value Chain
  • Grid-as-Platform enabled by Blockchain
  • Use Case: Emissions Scorecard

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