In blockchain, the typical “garbage in, garbage out” syndrome that hits any digital data management infrastructure is further exacerbated by a more worrying “garbage in, distributed, encrypted, immutable, garbage out” phenomenon.

Whether using current technology platforms and tools, or emerging technologies such as blockchain, only a combination of professionals working to international standards, coupled with the implementation of data standards can provide trusted data that is both consistent and reliable.

This Webinar on Blockchain Standards is hosted by 101 Blockchains:

  • Andrew Knight, RICS International Data Standards Director
  • Enrico Camerinelli, VP Research at 101 Blockchains

Webinar Discussion topics:

  • How to ensure continuity when transferring data from the physical to the digital world?
  • Does the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) risk an increase of “garbage-in-garbage-out”?
  • How can standards build trusted data?
  • Is blockchain an enabler?

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