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Trade finance is widely considered to be the fuel of global commerce. However, there is an unpleasant truth that currently trades finance suffers from many inefficiencies, including extreme vulnerability due to fraudulent trading. The yearly trade finance market is estimated at more than $15 trillion. 101 Blockchains has researched and reimagined how blockchain can disrupt the trade landscape, reduce the cost base, enable transparency, and open new revenue opportunities.

A thought leader and entrepreneur with extensive experience in building enterprise products utilizing Big Data & AI. Aviv Lichtigstein is the CEO of 101 Blockchains – a cross-industry community of leading Blockchain practitioners.

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Discussion Topics:

By watching the Blockchain for Trade Finance webinar, you will learn all you need to know about blockchain technology and trade finance.

– 7 Issues of Trade Finance Operations.

– 7 Benefits of Blockchain in Trade Finance.

– 6 Trade finance blockchain consortia you should know about.

– 2 Blockchain Use Cases in Trade Finance.