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Blockchain for Supply Chain Management – Virtual Conference

Blockchain for Supply Chain Management – Virtual Conference

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Featured Speakers

Dr. Alisa DiCaprio
Dr. Alisa DiCaprio

Head of Trade and Supply Chain, R3

Sebastian Becker
Sebastian Becker


Andrea Redaelli
Andrea Redaelli

Corporate Projects and Portfolio Management, HUGO BOSS

Rebecca Liao
Rebecca Liao

Co-Founder & COO, Skuchain

Stefan Gruell
Stefan Gruell


Presanna V Sundararajan
Presanna V Sundararajan

General Manager, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited

Marc Taverner
Marc Taverner

Executive Director, INATBA

Welcome to an exciting new digital event

In a supply chain the flow of goods move downstream (i.e., from the supplier to the buyer), while the flow of money goes upstream, from the buyer paying the supplier. Both flows are connected through the “glue” provided by the flow of information to activate the operations between all supply chain participants.

The certainty of the origin of data and the confidence of its quality represent the prerequisites for a full and profitable supply chain collaboration between trading partners. The current centralized server-client enterprise systems create data silos that remain confined and difficult to share, least by building expensive and hard to maintain point-to-point and host-to-host connections.

This 101 Blockchains Virtual Conference provides the most updated use cases of how companies, banks, logistics providers, certification agencies, customs offices, are shifting their attention to consider blockchain-based solutions not only to improve current processes but- most importantly- to transform and revolutionize them.

The virtual conference sessions focus on:
-Blockchain for the physical and information supply chain
-Blockchain for the financial supply chain

Event Program (CET/ET)


Opening Speech


Opening keynote- Four Ways Blockchain is Rearchitecting Global Supply Chains

Dr. Alisa DiCaprio, Head of Trade and Supply Chain, R3


Panel 1- Physical Supply Chain

Presanna V Sundararajan, General Manager, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited
Andrea Redaelli, Corporate Projects and Portfolio Management, HUGO BOSS


Keynote- Going beyond Track & Trace: The Chain of trusted Quality Data

Sebastian Becker, CCO, RIDDLE&CODE

Stefan Gruell, CEO, S1SEVEN


Panel 2- Financial Supply Chain

Rebecca Liao, Co-Founder & COO, Skuchain

Marc Taverner, Executive Director, INATBA


End of Conference

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