The sense of urgency around the tokenization of digital assets has shed light on emerging trends in the decentralized financial services. It has never been easier for non-financial companies to extend financial services to customers, combining the data, processes and capital to create new revenue opportunities – at low marginal cost. For incumbent financial services providers, this also presents huge opportunities. Leading platform companies are driving a shift from the white labelling of financial services products through digital ‘shop windows’, to more deeply embedded fintech services tied closely to the customer or business user’s experience.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on Digital Asset Convergence: Blockchain and the Rise of Embedded Finance by Todd McDonald, CPO and Co-Founder, R3.

This think tank will explore:

  • The shift from internet enabled business to finance enabled business through the convergence of digital assets, trade and payments.
  • How multi-party systems like blockchain can be a foundational technology for embedded finance applications to extend your business.
  • The enterprise token and payment initiatives that are underpinning new asset classes and a new breed of financial services.

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