The world runs not only on the durable shoulders of men but also with the resilient spirit of women. Almost everyone you see in your daily life has something to contribute to the greater scheme of things. However, there is nothing to match the significance of women in our lives. On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2022, 101 Blockchains extends a humble and grateful salute to all women worldwide. 

Just a few decades ago, people all over the world assumed that women couldn’t thrive in the field of technology. Years later, such assumptions have been put to rest, with women exerting a dominant presence across different sectors of technology. Interestingly, women have also carved a niche for themselves in the blockchain landscape. We, at 101 Blockchains, bring you something unique on this year’s International Women’s Day to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. 

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The Importance of Women in Blockchain

First of all, let us discuss the importance of women in the blockchain space on International Women’s Day this year. First of all, let us shed the common myth that women are incapable of learning and using technology. Madame Curie, anyone? Coming to modern times, women have been one of the major contributors in the field of tech innovation. In the world of blockchain, women have turned out as maverick performers to the surprise of everyone. For example, a 2020 study revealed that almost 43% of respondents who were interested in Bitcoin were women. 

Most important of all, women are not just idle bystanders in the blockchain and crypto revolution. Some women have introduced promising initiatives in blockchain, thereby strengthening the significance of women in blockchain beyond mere participation. For example, Maliha Abidi, a 25-year old UK-based women’s rights activist, plans on launching a campaign known as Women Rise. The campaign would focus on including 100,000 girls and women in the world of blockchain by the end of 2022.  

Is Inclusiveness On the Table?

The occasion of International Women’s Day 2022 also calls for answers to this question. When you think of the opportunities for women, inclusivity emerges as one of the prominent themes. Traditionally, the domains of tech, science, and finance have been male-dominated. Although blockchain promises a fair and transparent world with better opportunities for inclusivity, does it offer inclusivity for women? Alarmingly, the total share of women among US crypto investors accounted for somewhere around 20%. 

In addition, women in blockchain experienced many hardships in landing jobs in blockchain startups. For instance, a 2018 study showed that female employees accounted for only 14.5% of the workforce in 100 blockchain startups. 

Time is Changing – Women are Growing

The road for women has not been easy in any field. However, they have always found a way to fight the odds. As International Women’s Day comes near, one cannot help but notice the growth of women in the blockchain space. Leading crypto companies now have women, taking up 40% to 50% of the share of the total workforce. Most important of all, the number of women at the helm of blockchain startups has also grown profoundly. 

Marie Wieck and Amber Baldet took over the responsibilities of supervising the blockchain divisions of IBM and JPMorgan Chase, respectively. Another top mention among women in blockchain refers to Kaitlin Breitman, the co-founder of Tezos. Women have also taken over crucial positions in top blockchain companies

This has been responsible for opening up the voice of women in the blockchain space. According to reports, the number of women in the field of blockchain has grown to almost 12% within two years. On top of it, women working with blockchain are also interested in drawing other women towards blockchain. The good thing here is that there is no resistance from the men. 

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What Have 101 Blockchains Got For You on Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day

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Final Words

The 101 Blockchains Women’s Day Sale is an honest attempt by our team to empower women for the world of blockchain. Contrary to general assumptions, women have proved to be game-changers in the blockchain space. The number of women in blockchain jobs has doubled up in recent times alongside the growth of female blockchain startup leaders. 

At the same time, women also play a major role in shaping the blockchain ecosystem from top positions in blockchain divisions of tech giants. The discounts on our courses, certifications, and the membership plan in a sale on International Women’s Day 2022 will encourage not only women, but everyone who is aspiring for blockchain learning. Gear up and take charge of your dreams in the emerging blockchain landscape now!