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Trade Industry Lead

Job Description

R3 is a huge financial business company that has partnered with over 100 different firms from all parts of the world. It has been flourishing ever since it has been created. Today, R3 operates in almost 11 different countries globally and has its leading centers in London, New York, and Singapore. R3 is looking for someone to take the seat as its ‘Trade Industry Leader’. This job is crucial especially because it revolves around management. The worthy candidate of this job must be focused on developing a strong partner ecosystem in India. There are three main goals that need to be fulfilled: adoption of Corda, generating swift revenues and ensuring that the customers are loyal to Corda for long term basis.

Responsibilities And Duties

  • Can give input towards the goals, and strategize intelligently for the Trade Finance businesses in APAC
  • Performing vital duties to upgrade sales for Trade Finance and APAC Supply Chain. Key tasks include advancements to evolve the ecosystem by seeking new partners, joining GTM efforts with current partners, managing accounts and taking care of proposals.
  • Assist in making yearly plans.
  • Running successful meetings and events.
  • Collaborate with Business Development team and with technical sales engineers to take care of RFPs and projects
  • Take hold as a senior stakeholder manager and is responsible for all tasks done under the Trade Finance and Supply Chain in APAC
  • Controlling and managing all ISV’s and SI’s
  • Identify and create high-yield partnerships via Cordapps.
  • Engage with R3 services and its commercial and legal teams for a better partnership
  • Avail opportunities that make potential CorDapp future partners
  • Create a better ecosystem for R3’s supply chain and trade businesses.
  • Create and make strategies and plans for a good partner ecosystem.

Skills and Requirements

  • At least a 3 to 5-year experience in any three of the following: strategy,  business partnerships or business development
  • Past experience in the management of Trade Finance and Supply Chain
  • Profound knowledge of blockchain & distributed ledger tech is a plus point but not mandatory
  • Good problem-solving tactics and quick decisive ability.
  • Have a past experience of showcasing strategy and planning materials in front of senior stakeholders
  • Have a past experience of making negotiable deals
  • A Postgraduate qualification or MBA is a plus point but is not mandatory.

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