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Technical Writer at IOHK

Job Description

Technical writer or technical communicator’s role is to prepare journal articles, manuals of instructions, and any supporting documents. A technical writer must also develop, accumulate, and propagate technical information to designers, manufacturers, and customers.  Our developing team at IOHK is seeking for a technical writer who is able to provide top-quality documentation to ensure the entire success of the products of our company. As a technical writer at IOHK, the successful applicant needs to collaborate with other talented teams of technical writers and able to work with developers, product managers, usability experts, and quality engineers for the improvement of products and effectiveness. As a technical writer, clear and concise instructions are important especially during confusing times or matters. The main mission of technical writer is to create processes that can be easily understood and to not make any confusions.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Working with team members to fully understand the product and the requirements of the documentation.
  • Determining the possible needs of each user.
  • Organizing and writing supporting documents about the products.
  • Make use of diagrams, photographs, animations, charts, and drawings so that users can easily understand.
  • Revising documents if issues occur.
  • Obtaining feedback from manufacturers, designers, and customers.
  • Creating tutorials that aim to help users by all means.
  • Working with other department is critical to fully understand the requirement and the needs of each and every one.
  • Review, organize and proofread everything that is related to technical documentation by communicating with the team members as well as the product manager.

Requirements & Skills

  • At least one up to three years of experience in a technology company as a technical writer too.
  • Deep knowledge about techniques and concepts of technical writing.
  • Have skills on critical thinking analysis
  • Working with a specified deadline is a must and with less supervision
  • Degree in any similar technical field
  • Able to understand and learn the most complex topics
  • Superior verbal and communication skills are desired.
  • Keen eye to every detail

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