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Sr. BlockChain Protocol Engineer – Kaleido at Consensys

Job Description

ConsenSys and Kaleido are searching for a Senior Blockchain Protocol Engineer to join their highly talented and fast-growing team. This job includes the research, advanced cryptography and blockchain technology. You need to be dedicated, but also eager to learn and improve your knowledge. Your role will be at the forefront of the blockchain development movement because this is a technology that grows fast and brings a huge amount of excitement.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Research and problem-solving in advanced cryptography.
  • Developing new and advanced ways to solve problems in software development.
  • Collaborate with the open-source community in order to improve data privacy.
  • Work on developing and adopting blockchain technology.
  • Running and regulating permitted blockchain networks.
  • Collaborate in a fast-growing movement that is blockchain technology.
  • Work on developing and simplifying the use of blockchain technology in order to other organizations benefit from this technology.

Requirements and Skills

  • At least 5 years of experience as a Senior Engineer.
  • Experience with GO, Rust or Java.
  • Direct experience with encryption that is built on asymmetric or symmetric keys, but also knowledge about digital signature and cryptography.
  • It is important to have a back-end programming experience.
  • You need to possess programming skills with software such as JavaScript and Node.JS.
  • You need to be eager to learn new skills, but also to be good at communicating with your colleagues.
  • You need to work unhindered even in team environments that move fast.
  • One of the traits that we find very positive, is the ability to work under pressure and function in chaotic environments.
  • You need to be comfortable to take a risk and to be prepared for the fast change of R&D projects.
  • Learning fast and working without much guidance are the skills that benefit the Company.
  • Knowledge of IPFS and ability to explain Raft, Paxos or PBFT.
  • Experience with open-source projects and blockchain development is highly appreciated.
  • Understanding of distribution of hash tables.
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