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Solution Sales Engineer

Job Description

Elliptic is seeking a Solution Sales Engineer, as a sales engineer you are responsible for leading the technical qualifications of the sale opportunities and the demonstration of Elliptic platform. This role includes building credibility through deep technical knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrencies. You must capable to take unique business models of customers, compliance processes, and data flows and describing how their need will meet by the Elliptic solutions, and including the use of API bespoke integrations. This role requires strong communication skills and exceptional customer facing and demeanor skills.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Provide the demo of Elliptic platform to the customers in a confident and credible matter.
  • Familiar with several challenges that customers are facing in preventing, identifying, and investigating criminal activities in cryptocurrency environments and mapping to meet those tough challenges.
  • Creatively identifying and solving integration challenges to make sure stickiness of Elliptic's platform within the customer’s all risk and compliance system architecture.
  • Working with Elliptic's team to identify new use cases and expanding the set of customers vertical.
  • Assess the cryptocurrency landscapes and broader compliance environments to verify areas for technology and business partnerships.
  • Coordinate and determine access to enterprise and public APIs to allow full realization of the value from our platform.
  • Coordinate and design data reporting as needed.
  • Work nearly with the engineering and product team to provide your feedback loop on the new product developments and opportunities.

Requirements and Skills

  • More than 10 years of working experience in a reputable organization as a solution consultant.
  • More than 5 years of experience working with traditional AML or Compliance environments.
  • Strong entrepreneur’s mindset and work ethics. Comfortable to produce value to a low structural environment and while be resilient and agile.
  • Passionate about blockchain and crypto technologies.
  • A good consummate communicator.
  • Continuously develop good judgments.
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