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Software Engineer Platform

Job Description

Having technical backgrounds that are varied with a track record that is proven is essential in being able to build our performant, reliable, scalable systems.  This is a critical role that you will play in advancing our core platform piloting the retail products.  Product lifecycle has the engineering teams included in every aspect from the point of the idea being generated, to creation, to the prototype, from planning to execution, and from there on to shipping. We need software engineers who are dedicated to software excellence, are proponents of the best practices and have a love of learning all things new.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Stand at the forefront of the cryptocurrency ecosphere constructing premiere distributed software to handle the ever-expanding user base of over twenty-seven million wallets.
  • Participate with a committed team of Engineers dedicated to quickly iterating on and sending out products that will directly affect millions.
  • Expose yourself to a vast open-source assortment of technologies, e.g. RabbitMQ, Redis, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Cassandra, etc.
  • Construct modular, reusable code for Blockchain products’ use while optimizing the current systems for performance, extensibility, and scalability,
  • Secure the company as well as user data utilizing cutting-edge encryption schemes, ensuring that security is a priority with all that you do.
  • Continually bring the highest standard software to users as a member of the interdisciplinary team.

Requirements and Skills

  • Integrity is the quality Blockchain promotes as the foremost for this position or any.
  • You should flourish upon learning technologies that are new, are a strong proponent for engineering practices considered to be the best, and hold a natural curiosity.
  • You handle complex issues by taking a realistic approach when developing clean solutions.
  • You are experienced to ship after the construction process of fault-tolerant, highly-accessible distributed systems.
  • You take pride in monitoring effectively, performing test coverage on consistently high levels, have strong technical documentation skills.
  • Have an understanding of everything from algorithms to data structures, from databases to large-scale systems.
  • Place value on the whole stack (including the network layers, front end, database, service-oriented architecture and so in) as well as how they affect your app's performance.
  • Experience in Scala, Kotlin, Java, etc. (At least one JVM-based language).



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