Software Engineer, iOS

Job Description

Blockstream is looking for a Senior Software Engineer, focused on iOS, to work on developing digital wallet software. You will be responsible to develop digital wallet software with a specific focus on iOS. You will work on native iOS implementation of Bitcoin wallet software as well as other iOS applications

Responsibilities and Duties

  • You will work on developing digital wallet software that is concentrated on iOS.
  • Your job will include also the implementation of native iOS into the Bitcoin wallet software.
  • Implementation of iOS applications.
  • Willingness to always learn and improve knowledge.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues.
  • Problem-solving.

Requirements and Skills

  • Knowledge of CS background is necessary.
  • Ability to work on complex and difficult software applications.
  • Experience working as a Senior Engineer or experience in a leading role.
  • If you have contributed in any way to a development of complex iOS applications that you can demonstrate, that will be regarded as an advantage.
  • Ability to use programming languages like object-C or Swift.
  • You will have to possess a knowledge of RxSwift.
  • Familiarity and experience with Git.
  • Good comprehension of the best UI/UX procedures.
  • Excellent perception and taste for application design.
  • Experience with the Open Source platforms is of crucial importance, whether you were a contributor or a maintainer.
  • Remarkable projects on GitHub and StackOverflow will be held in high regard.
  • Ability to understand and use C, C++, JavaScript, Java or Python is a valuable asset for this job.
  • Understanding of asymmetric and symmetric cryptography, and the ability to use it actively.
  • Experience with distributed computing and distributed systems.
  • User experience with Bitcoin.
  • Experience with Bitcoin as a software developer.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Android.
  • You will need to have an iOS native applications portfolio with your own projects and your contributions in the Open Source that can be reviewed quickly.
  • It is preferred that you send a Cover Letter with your CV.
  • Ability to use logical and mathematical skills and apply those two in practice.
  • If you had achievements in software development and Computer science, that would be of great importance.
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