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Smart Contract Engineer

Job Description

We are in search of a professional, skilled Smart Contract Engineer to be a part of our developing domestic ConsenSys team. The individual will play a key role in smart contract executions and their usage. The ideal candidate should be a self-starter and quick learner with experience in designing and implementing a decentralized application. Whichever place you choose to work or function, you will be assisted by and join ConsenSys’s remote work principle and lifestyle that prioritizes online communication through Slack, Trello, Hangouts, GitHub.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Study and examine various research journals onEthereum smart contracts and execute them as an example or illustration.
  • Enhance available executions of general cryptographic primitives and/or interface and convert them to a distinct computer language.
  • Collaborate and oversee with research, tech, and product coordination groups.
  • The desirable individual will work for hand in hand with the head of the team and collaborate with research, tech, and product coordination groups all through the present and upcoming bunch of operations, which are connected with Ethereum smart contracts.

Requirements and Skills

  • Sound knowledge of Ethereum smart contracts (for instance, mathematics, executions, information theory) and the capability to achieve working executions in line with these areas is required.
  • The fitting individual should have a good understanding of the best engineering procedures and follow its best practices and also should show a better understanding of an effective working programming language.
  • You will bring 4+ years of experience in developing software full-time to the team.
  • With the above qualifications, we are looking for more than one of these candidates with the following description: Exposure/familiarity with privacy improving cryptographic applications e.g., zero-knowledge proofs and/or SNARKS. Working programming exposure (preference for Scala or Haskell).
  • Should be passionate about working together with teams to identify new reorganized structures and systems that are more unbiased, objective and straightforward.
  • Able to work independently with little supervision and also able to work in a dynamic setting, with strong management and communication skills.
  • Can lay hands on difficult tasks where examination of data demands an effective evaluation of wavering conditions.
  • Should be transparent, open and straightforward.
  • Should collaborate and work with other people so as to bring out the best in everyone in a setting of trust and respect
  • Experience and skills in these are required and preferred. Javascript development, Ethereum Improvement Proposals, solidity, the EVM, and blockchain
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