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Senior Zendesk Specialist

Job Description

As our senior Zendesk specialist at Circle, you should be able to work well with Zendesk to a commendable standard ranging from the ability to get a lot of work done properly and accurately to things like building and setting up advanced dashboards while also using the help of third-party software. All for efficiency and automation in quality service delivery.

Responsibilities And Duties

  • You will have to carefully select and sort out queries, complaints and contribution ideas by building us an excellent system support service.
  • Look out for all and any methods of how to better all the branches of Circle.
  • Authorize permission to our Zendesk for only authorized personnel.
  • Oversee all circle architecture to optimize the efficiency of services to the customer experience.
  • Build effective triggers and regulations for flawless customer interactions and reduce or wipe out unnecessary activity.

Requirements and Skills

  • First of all, you should have amazing social and written communication skills not leaving out the attention to detail and the ease with which you harmonize the entire organization.
  • A four year or more level of professional experience as a Zendesk administrator or owner will be very necessary.
  • In-Depth knowledge and skill of the Zendesk Application Programming Interface especially with the integration of third parties into Zendesk.
  • You must have efficiency in MAQL to manage complex data through the addition of SQL to that would be a bonus.

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