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Senior Software Engineer, Data Services

Job Description

The responsibilities of the Senior Software Engineer Data Services is to empower users globally by rapidly producing, iterating and launching the highest quality software.  The team of Engineers is involved in every part of a product's maturation from the generation of the idea to creation from prototype to planning and erection to shipment.  In this position, you should serve as an example –piloting the technical meetings influencing the strategy and creating a positive effect on the team's progression by promoting the ideal engineering practices.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Create and execute accessible fault-tolerant developed apps that interact with major cryptocurrency networks.
  • Build a website layer for the Alexa Top 1000 for data services.
  • Work on a product that leads the industry with users in the millions.
  • For use across Blockchains production line, build modular and reusable libraries.
  • Enhance current systems for scalability and performance.

Requirements and Skills

  • Integrity is a quality that Blockchain puts foremost for this post or any for that matter.
  • Experience with constructing and launching cryptocurrency infrastructure or apps.
  • Good working knowledge of the ecosystem or infrastructure of one main cryptocurrency (at least) – particularly Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, experience with any Blockchain project or digital currency is welcome.
  • Understanding large-scale webs to algorithms to data structures to databases.
  • You will not believe in a one-size-fits-all answer and will thrive in an environment where you’re able to learn new technologies.
  • Understand how everything will fit with each other from the front end to the database to the network and so on and how it will affect the performance of your app.
  • You take pride in yourself being able to monitor efficiently, having strong documentation skills and giving proper test coverage.
  • Experience with Kotlin, Java or Scala (at least one).
  • Need to have a Computer Science degree or experience equivalent to the degree.
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