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Senior iOS Engineer

 Job Description

The responsibilities of the Senior iOS Engineer who joins our growing team will be to empower users globally with the highest-standard software designed, iterated and set in motion all while maintaining a fast work pace.  In due time, you should acclimate easily in order to make the requirements necessary to continue on our path of fast growth along with the quickly changing crypto environment.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Team player helping to build bitcoin wallets that are ahead in the industry for users worldwide.
  • Write code that has been tested thoroughly and is infallible to be used by the millions who use our wallet.
  • Work with the team proactively to ensure knowledge is being shared and labor is divided efficiently.
  • Work on problems involving the cryptocurrency space that are both challenging and interesting.
  • As an employee for a product-forward and also a technology-forward business, new technologies will be at your exposure as well as new developments
  • Work on a project that leads the industry for the millions of its users.

Requirements and Skills

  • Integrity is a quality that Blockchain puts foremost for this post or any for that matter.
  • Experience to include at least two to three plus years of work with iOS, as well as Objective C/Swift plus, have apps from the App Store, at least one maybe two.
  • Reactive program experience would be a bonus, e.g. RxSwift or the like.
  • Crypto experience is a plus.
  • Getting a high level of coverage with unit testing should come easily to you.
  • You think the way to get the point out is through a working proof-of-concept.
  • You own everything that you send out—there would never be a false code of ‘Release’ unless you’re 100%
  • Need to have a passion for using pixel perfect design and how to go about applying it to apps.
  • Acclimate easily to meet the requirements necessary for the massive growth and quickly changing company environment.
  • Depend on candid feedback from your team for continuous improvements.
  • In order to collaborate with various colleagues globally must have superior communication abilities.
  • Have a strong ability toward problem-solving as well as analytics.
  • Enjoy an opportunity to learn something new.


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