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Senior Fullstack Engineer at Censensys

Job Description

ConsenSys, the global leader of blockchain technology firms, is a venture production studio specializing in producing solutions to complex businesses using blockchain technology.

As we aim to shape the future of the financial world, to ensure this hefty goal, we have come up with our own organizational solution called the ConsenSys Mesh. The Mesh helps us keep everyone oriented for the same goal, autonomously.   To expand upon our potential, we are looking for like-minded teammates. We seek collaborators from all around the world, just as passionate as we are to reshape our future through the power of technology.

Currently, we are in the search for a senior full stack engineer to join our integrations crew. The main focus of the team is to work alongside the MythX team to ensure smooth product launches, provide both backward and forward compatible client implementations, and to come up with a great Software Development Kit for the MythX enthusiasts.  Our ideal candidate would be experienced with multiple development ecosystems. Just as important for us is the candidate’s ability to adapt to a fast growing start-up environment with many diverse cultures and backgrounds.  Accessibility regardless of diversity is an important principle for us, and we expect the same attitude from all of our colleagues.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Provide backward and forward compatible client implementations for the MythX API
  • Be a subject matter expert who can support our partners and builders as they make their client integrations work successfully with the MythX API.
  • Spread the word around for Mythx, by attending both virtual and physical events in coordination with the team.
  • Achieve user satisfaction by keeping the software relevant and up to date for the user base.
  • Analyzing and optimizing internet applications with the heavy influx, on the go.

Requirements and Skills

  • JavaScript, Python, and Go coding languages
  • Experience in designing and implementing API’s.
  • Ability to build software with the tools provided by 3rd party cloud services
  • Past experience with AWS / Azure, Linux and Docker would be highly beneficial
  • Endless passion to learn and improve.
  • At least four years' backend engineering experience within a coordinated team.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field, Relevant studies/work experience will also be considered.
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