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Scala Developer (Enterprise)

Job Description

IOHK is in search for an experienced Scala developer to be part of our highly experienced team in the development and continued growth of the Cardano project, which has now gotten to a stage of development where individual and other collaborators are asking about the other potential uses of Cardano technology. We are looking to give responses to these questions and we are creating an experienced and capable team to enhance Cardano with a business-exclusive product channel and this time, we are making use of Scala as the major coding language. With this, we are in search of a professional Scala developer to be part of our team.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • You are expected to build new features and rectify issues.
  • You are to build features that are of formal recommendations.
  • Execute and apply productive or functional testing and development procedures.
  • Work collaboratively with other developers across different time zones.
  • Make contributions of functional code to open source operations.
  • Get involved in a weekly sprint preparations session.
  • You are expected to provide daily serial reliable, decent reports in Slack.
  • Provide weekly serial sprint reflective records in Slack.

Requirements and Skills

The prospective candidate should have the following requirements to be considered fit for the position:

  • Completion of a degree in engineering, mathematics, logic, computer science or any other discipline in line with the job (preference for a master's degree holder).
  • Should have at least five years of exposure in programming.
  • A minimum of 2 years of Scala programming experience.
  • Good knowledge of software engineering top practices and testing concepts.
  • A good understanding of the Scala version system.
  • A good grasp of both Scalatest & Scalacheck.
  • Should be familiar with libraries, e.g. Monix, Shapeless, Akka.
  • Should have the exposure working with GitHub and Git.
  • You should have the exposure in distributed setups and structures.
  • You should have the requisite knowledge in building cryptography protocols.
  • You should have solid analytical abilities.
  • Ability to execute tasks independently with little direction.
  • Good verbal and written skills.
  • Ability to communicate well and productively via remote video platforms.
  • Should be flexible to work with.
  • Should be cooperative and work collaboratively with other teams.
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