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Sales Development Representative at BitPay

Job Description

We are looking for a talented and experienced Sales Development Representative. You will be part of a strong, growing sales team. As a sales representative, you will be taught sales methodology that will prepare you to talk to customers at the global level. As a sales representative of the company, you will teach customers about bitcoin and further explain how bitcoin is revolutionizing the financial world.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • As a representative, you will be at the front of communication on a global scale dealing with customers
  • Your responsibility is to take care of any and all leads. You will qualify and teach customers about bitcoin
  • You will handle and close small deals and on larger deals, you qualify them as representative of the company
  • You will work with the marketing department on any marketing campaigns as they come up and you will be a lead generator
  • As Sales Development Representative, you will work with and manage all the activity in the company salesforce
  • You will develop strategies to increase and develop account penetration and create new leads for increasing business
  • Think always outside the box by always being mindful of the role bitcoin is playing in changing the global arena
  • Be a strong team member a participate in all sales training, support systems, and important customer support

Requirements and Skills

  • You must be process oriented as well as organized and have an eye for detail
  • You must be a team member as well as able to work independently
  • You are a multi-tasker and thrive in a new and growing work environment
  • The communication skills of the candidate should be excellent
  • You are passionate about adding to changes worldwide and the new way of making payments
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