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Job Description

The esteemed financial firm R3 is hiring a receptionist that meets their bars. R3 has an extensive financial business system which deals with more than 100 different partners from all over the world, which work together to revolutionize the global finance stats. R3 has a business web that spans over 11 different countries. It provides a top-notch working atmosphere to its employees and makes sure they grow and learn exponentially as a worker.

The receptionist has a key job at R3 headquarters. He or she makes a vital part of the Business Resources team of the company. The receptionist has to look after all the integral office tasks such as taking care of the guests at the company meetings, making the day’s schedule and coordinating plans with managers and staff members by staying connected through the phone.  If you are someone who is well articulated, self-sufficient and knows how to interact with a diversity of visitors than this job is meant for you.

Responsibilities And Duties

  • Welcoming and entertaining visitors.
  • A good receptionist has to know how to respond promptly to calls and texts that he is receiving. He should know when to switch between the two or when to avoid these if necessary.
  • Keep a check on the received and dispatched couriers by regularly sorting out the emails.
  • Keep a strict manual or online record of suppliers, team tours and services.
  • The tidiness of the meeting rooms is mandatory for imparting a good impression to the guests. The receptionist must ensure the cleanliness of the office at all times.
  • Help with coordinating all types of business lunches, meetings, logistics and prior arrangements before meetings.
  • Arrange the provisions of refreshments for guests to enjoy.
  • Help the Group Exco by assisting their work and personal chores so that the work is delivered at the time.
  • The grocery supplies must always be full and the kitchen should be clean and intact.
  • Receptionist must give a helping hand to the Office Manager who is occupied with organizational work and special projects and needs assistance from the team.
  • Must help the Business Resources team to carry out proper maintenance of the office protocols and services.

Skills and Requirements

  • A good candidate must have an educational background of GCSEs and A-Levels.
  • A year or two-year experience of customer facing would be beneficial for the candidate. Administrative expertise or qualification also is a plus point.

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