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QA Tester

Job Description

The Blockchain is in search of an experienced quality reliable tester to be a part of our team. This role is very essential, it demands to work on internet and mobile software and applications that impact several users in one way or another. The position is to be filled either at our London or New York office.

 Responsibilities and Duties

You will need to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Have great expertise or proficiency in the features and performance of our internet and mobile applications to guarantee quality and regularity in a fast moving setting.
  • You are to pen and examine comprehensive test descriptions depicting test method.
  • Write and implement consecutive test situations & consumer scenarios based on specifications, design & delivered the application.
  • Become a part of a team of testers to validate performance, verify functionality and guarantee regularity across browsers, mobile and internet settings (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android).
  • You are expected to work with all groups to manage testing timetables.
  • You are to work with all design, building, and product coordination groups to emphasize and concentrate on issues for launch.
  • You are duty bound to work hand in hand with computerized test developers to specify properly areas for checking.
  • Ensure comprehensive bug tracking and reporting on testing process to project collaborators.
  • Give a conclusive release or no-release suggestion to the board.

Requirements and Skills

  • You should have a good track record of writing and implementing comprehensive
  • end-to-end test situations dependent on specifications.
  • You should have a good background of examining performance and recognizing areas of weakness with a view to ensuring timely but rigorous testing
  • You should have a good experience working in a team to specified testing timetables.
  • You are versatile and have excellent verbal and written communication competence.
  • A proficient user and a good knowledge of mobile (iOS, Android) application.

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