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Product Marketing Manager at Consensys

Job Description

We, at Consensys, is seeking for a highly efficient Product Marketing Manager who is able to lead the activities of the outbound marketing of our company. The Product Marketing Manager also carries the responsibility of presenting the company’s product to be able to boost sales and make the Consensys’ brand stronger.

Being the company’s Product Marketing Manager, you have to think creatively and quantitatively. Furthermore, you need to familiarize yourself with multiple techniques when it comes to product marketing such as pricing strategies and email campaigns. As a Product Marketing Manager, your main goal is to develop plans that are profitable and promote the company’s product as well as to implement it. Furthermore, the role of this position is to communicate with the sales team about the new product’s value as well as developing the sales tools.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Study thoroughly the product/s of the company.
  • Translate clearly the technical details for the benefit of each user.
  • Analyze and follow the trends in the market to carefully positioned the products.
  • Develop strategies of product marketing such as product launching, pricing, advertising, etc.
  • Come up with compelling and efficient messages in ad campaigns, landing pages and so on.
  • Working with different teams like product, sales, design, content, and acquisition for the implementation of strategies.
  • Testing the product features, ad copy and the products to be released.
  • Evaluating projects with the use of relevant KPIs as well as the feedback from current and potential customers.

Skills and Requirements

  • Experience in Brand Manager as well as the Product Marketing Manager itself and other similar roles.
  • Background in copywriting and design is desired.
  • The successful candidate needs to have an experience when it comes to market analysis.
  • Familiarization about the tactics of product marketing.
  • Knowledge about the tools of web analytics like WebTrends and Google Analytics.
  • Superior communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • BA or BSc in Communications, Marketing or any related field.
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