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Product Designer

Job Description

Company BitPay is looking for a product designer. The product designer will contribute to the future of e-commerce and bring blockchain’s concept of cryptocurrency into the market. The job is based on the development of products in fintech. They are all made on the same patterns so that is why they look similar but are based on very different ideas. They are based on the payment modes of credit cards, ACH, etc. Cryptocurrency gives this idea a purely new image. It gives the developer a chance to build on the already existing payment systems but using new technologies, which is equivalent to having a blank canvass.

Responsibilities and Role

  • Customer service to support the queries and ambiguities of customers. To earn the trust of customers, by talking them through their issues and requirements.
  • Working with the project managers and engineers parallelly, so that keeping in balance.
  • Development of complex problems into a UI that is easy to learn and understandable by most users.
  • Validation and verification of implementation with requirements.
  • A risk prone mind, able to work in tight situations, making good moves when it comes to data analysis and decision making.
  • A good problem solver.
  • Iteration of designs through the feedback got from users and all the data that was gathered.
  • Contribution in the main cause and lead design patterns of the circle by individually working on different products.

   Required skills

  • Four or more years of experience in product designing both on the consumer and corporate products.
  • Having worked with web applications including the phases of design, development, and deployment.
  • Having hands-on experience in pixel-perfect, mock-up design, illustrations, UI animations, UI/UX design, live product links, and illustrations.
  • Diverse experience in Sketch or any other design tools preferably, (InVision).
  • Understanding user requirements properly. Perfectly understanding the customer needs and analysis of behavior.
UI/UX Designer

About Company

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