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Product Designer, Liquality

Job Description

The reputed technology firm ConsenSys is looking for a ‘product designer’ to add to their team.  The creative heads at ConsenSys have derived an organizational setup at their firm which believes in working in groups in order to accomplish the same goal. If you are someone who is compatible with working and leading your team then you would love this job.

This job will bring opportunities for working in an environment that is swift and demands you to take intelligent, fast decisions. These hurdles will help you grow substantially and excel much more in your forte. A steady determination is what we ask for. If you are hardworking too then this job is your dream job.

Responsibilities And Duties

  • The product designer should know how to create working wireframes, experience flows and output-generating prototypes so that the communication between different members is efficient. This would help in developing new and creative design ideas.
  • Research is the key. The employee should know how to bring new design interaction patterns to the table by researching thoroughly. These design patterns for the blockchain system need to be altered into versions that have reusable wallet primitive pieces.
  • The product designer must be able to collaborate with his troop in order to comprehend business cases, and for creating components and applications that use these.
  • He or she must demonstrate new product ideas through analyzing the data and via experimentation
  • It is important that the worker actively obtains and generates feedback for his team so that the quality of the work is not compromised
  • Active participation in initiatives like recruiting, designing principles and upscaling design tools is essential for this job holder.

Skills and Requirements

  • UX/UI designer who has a prior 5+ years experience of working in a multitude of teams, with a diverse audience in the genre of software/app development
  • Prior experience of building and making use of frameworks, components, style guides, and pattern libraries.
  • Ability to lead the team and being able to develop strong ties with managers and engineers on board.
  • Passionate to ease up the situation by solving problems swiftly, without agitation so that innovation is kept intact.
  • A well-articulated product designer gets all the stars for being able to actively discuss ideas with stakeholder and demonstrate your learning.
UI/UX Designer

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