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Pricing Analyst at Consensys

Job Description

The main role of the Pricing Analyst is to work with sets of complex data in order to figure out as well as to arrange prices for the market share to gain and achieve the goals of revenue. The Pricing Analyst is expected to consider different data from different possible sources and develop pricing models that are complex enough to reflect margins considering seasonal and promotional pricing that depends on the data of customer, competitor, and the market.

Being a Pricing Analyst at Consensys means you will be working with sales in the form of retails alongside with business-to-business. Furthermore, the Pricing Analyst should be able to collaborate with teams of marketing and sales to improve the strategies which drive the sales and ensuring the company to remain competitive at all times. In connection with the improvement and development of the company, we at Consensys is seeking for a highly skilled Pricing Analysts who can efficiently commercialize products of SaaS and new software. Plus, able to come up with strategies in terms of commercialization and monetization for new markets and products.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Collaboration with the teams of sales and product management.
  • Conducting customer’s voice research so that they will understand the dynamics of marketing as well as competitive landscape.
  • Must be working with different stakeholders in order to fully understand the differentiation of pricing approaches along with the impact distribution of tiers and marketing strategies.
  • Able to deal and evaluate profitability, providing the desired license, and analyze strategic considerations.
  • Developing and maintaining pricing tools.
  • Develop models and forecasts.
  • Analyzing the pricing data.
  • Monitoring trends in the industry.

Skills & Requirements

  • Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree
  • At least five years of experience in relevant field
  • Deep understanding and knowledge about BI tools such as Business Objects, SPSS, Cognos or Tableau as well as analyzing data, performance, and metrics of the program.
  • Ability to take over in different initiatives providing high-quality results.
  • Background in collaborating and interfacing with multiple stakeholders.
  • Understanding technical products within the short timeline.
  • Must be able to work independently and less supervision.

About Company

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