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PR, Communications & Events Coordinator

Job Description

We are looking for a PR, Communications & Events Coordinator to manage the public image of our company. The successful candidate will increase the media presence for the overall publicity of the company. This is through designing and developing campaigns that will help our company to improve our reputation and credibility. You will also be expected to use multiple media platforms and monitor media coverage to promote the brands and clients image.

 Duties and Responsibilities

  • Use broadcast, print and online media to promote our company to the public.
  • Issuing and promoting press releases.
  • Developing and upholding the public image of the company and that of the clients.
  • Maintaining a social media presence and organizing public appearances.
  • Gather and analyze intelligently about public opinion that will help shape organizations policies through public opinion.
  • Updating clients on new promotional openings and progress of the current PR campaigns.
  • Overseeing all printed, broadcast and online communications of all clients.
  • Planning and executing publicity strategies and campaigns to promote clients brand and activity.
  • Conduct research to find out the strengths, concerns, objectives, and weaknesses of our clients. This will help us provide them with the most personalized strategy possible.
  • Attending networking, meetings, and media events with clients, partners to discuss different aspects of PR activities and campaigns.
  • Coordinating press conferences and other media events.


Requirements and Skills

  • Able to work in a dynamic fast-paced environment.
  • Able to write press releases and make presentations.
  • Confident to give presentations and proposing pitches to clients.
  • Impeccable organization skills and great time management.
  • Be a self-starter.
  • Identifying issues and problems and solving them promptly
  • Trustworthy to manage sensitive and confidential information for the company.
  • Able to work under pressure and with tight deadlines.
  • Able to use good judgment in what you report.
  • Organized enough to multitask and run several events at the same time.
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