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Partner Management Associate (Identity)

Job Description

With a partnership that encompassing more than 100 different companies and operating system that works in 11 countries worldwide, R3 has embarked its name as an established financial business firm globally. R3 is in need of an employee who is the fittest for the post of Partner Management Associate. The company wants someone on board who is focused on creating an intact bond between the various partners of R3 in Europe specifically. The pivotal goals of this job are towards driving Corda and generating revenue. Moreover, this job will be accounted for as the R3 Identity Lead, as well as the Digital Asset, lead who runs the daily duties according to the necessity.

Responsibilities And Duties

Assist in creating an option for the R3 Partner Program.

  • Responsible for initiating the ISV’s and SI’s protocols.
  • Handle all the meetings and events related to partner account planning.
  • Help current partnerships grow by maintaining mutual values for the betterment of R3.
  • Assist in managing with R3 services, commercial and legal teams for better partnerships.
  • Create trustworthy relationships with important clients and influencers.
  • Collaborate with promising future partners across Europe to broaden the chances and opportunities for R3
  • Assist other other R3 teams in tasks like Services, Sales, Legal processes, etc.

Skills and Requirements

  •  A postgraduate degree, BA or BSc in the concerned field or MBA qualification is desirable for a good candidate.
  • Prior experience of at least 3-5 years in fields like strategy making, delivery planning, and business analysis.
  • A background that helps in managing partners and creating better relationships.
  • Sound knowledge of blockchain and distributed ledger tech.
  • Sound knowledge of various financial products.
  • Good capability to sort out vague problems independently through precision and by looking up for intricate details that no textbook tells.
  • Capable of delivering and showing complex ideas and materials to senior stakeholders
  • Sound technical instincts. Knows much about the concepts related to technology, can design trade-offs and create better chances for tech team members.
  • Able to indulge in many projects side by side and demonstrate prioritization, proper  planning and task delegation in each one of them
  • Have work experience in fields like consulting,  financial services and technology organizations
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