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Pact Growth Developer

Job Description

The pact is a programing language, the first human-readable/writing smart contracts that are executed by Kadena, a leading blockchain platform for businesses and enterprises. Pact supports new business models and enterprises making Kadena’s blockchain the heart of the new digital infrastructure. Kadena is Dedicated to helping businesses and entrepreneurs think and deliver big, and is looking for Pact Growth Developer to perform the execute the following roles;

  • Join its developer’s team to passionately advocate the benefits of using Smart Contract language.
  • The Pact Growth Developer will be part of the core technology team while being one of the most public-facing team members.
  • Ability to work closely with Kadena's community manager(s) in supporting the launch of the public Chain web platform ecosystem

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Ability to drive awareness & adoption of Pact through public-facing community engagement; including speaking at conferences and meetups
  • Develop sample applications in Pact and facilitate developer workshops, demos & tutorials
  • Contribute written inputs on proposals Monitor Pact roadmap and releases, with the opportunity to contribute PRs
  • Research and identify development trends Identify developer pain points to score for product feature roadmap, triaging feature requests for the core team
  • Compile and maintain information related and contribute to Pact documentation
  • Ability to Identify the most trafficked regional channels to present on youtube/podcasts
  • Should be available to work with regional marketing partners to develop training videos
  • Self-driven and should be able to distribute platform updates to developers effectively.
  • Experienced in writing technical content and tutorials for Medium, Twitter, other channels
  • Ability to engage and represent Kadena’s vision in all online domains such as; Reddit, StackOverflow, Telegram, Github(lab), Quora


  • Passionate for blockchain technology, cryptography, and other new emerging models of data distribution
  • Experienced in engaging developer communities, innovation communities, through hackathons, webinars, and blogging
  • Should have Impeccable communication skills; both written and verbal
  • Understand the significance and appropriate use of tone and mediums based on circumstance and audience

Preferred experience in;

  • Dynamic environments and/or similar industry (technology-heavy, blockchain, startup environment)
  • software development, architect, developer evangelist, community manager, or cross-domain technical consultancy
  • Building developer tools and more secure and scalable blockchain environments

Benefits of being Kadeno’s PGD

  • A very competitive salary
  • Paid medical, vision, and dental insurance for full-time employees
  • Flexibility in savings accounts
  • Company stock/coin options
  • Flexibility in vacation time

About Company

Kadena Blockchain Compaany


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