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Mobile Developer at Secure Key

Job Description

As the mobile app market is rapidly growing and expanding, the development team of Secure Key is seeking a Mobile Developer who can possess superior knowledge for different platforms – both in tablets and smartphones. However, as a Mobile Developer, you need to be proficient in the programming of Information Technology as well as having a deep knowledge about such computer languages including Java, C++, HTML, PHP, MySQL and so on and so forth. The industry of app development is larger than expected and is continuously growing every now and then. In fact, one of the highest paying job in America along with satisfying and remarkable growth. Being a mobile developer at Secure Key means you are expected to work with different teams of the company, for the improvement and development of the company itself. Additionally, you need to be involved in each developmental stage – from designing to implementing.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Creating, maintaining, and implementing codes to improve programs and mobile applications to meet the requirements of each client.
  • Use various programming languages.
  • Designing prototype languages.
  • Providing structures and helping the developmental team to create plans.
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Designing and developmental skills
  • Self-management and ability to take over to different projects.
  • Background in different developing codes in mobile such as API design, UI design, and development of business logic.
  • Able to test the application.
  • The building, distributing and integrating support.
  • Skills in Swift, C++, Java, and Objective-C are desired.
  • Deep knowledge in iOS and Android programming.
  • Able to come up with a successful solution especially when serious problems occur.
  • Experience with researching projects and open sourcing.
  • Mac machines development.

Skills and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or any relevant field.
  • At least three years of experience in mobile development.
  • Ability to develop and architect robust and maintainable systems and not just hacking code for certain projects.
  • Willingness, interested, and desire in working with new technologies for mobile and architecture.
  • Passionate about the work and create solutions.
  • All applicants must be legally working in the country of Canada.
  • Share knowledge, provide opinions, and help others when needed.

About Company

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