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Marketing Campaign Producer

Job Description

We are looking for an individual who can responsibly manage the overall marketing output and vision for the products at hand. The candidate will have to work closely with the Product Marketing Manager and convert the manager’s research and documentation into a concrete campaign. Every single member of our team is considered no less than an asset.

The candidate will also have to cooperate with the designers and content creators in order to come up with a crisp campaign brief. Another quality one must possess in order to be fit for the role is strong analytical skills. A knack for learning new technologies and solving complex problems will be a cherry over the top!

Responsibilities And Duties

As a Marketing Campaign Producer, your responsibilities and duties will include the following:

  • Development of pitch decks
  • Coming up with fresh campaigning ideas
  • Developing a unique campaign vision
  • Delivering clear and precise briefs to the content creators and designers
  • Building a healthy relationship with the assigned Product Manager
  • Cooperating with everyone in the organization
  • Analyzing a marketing strategy and creating relevant documentation

Skills And Requirements

You are undoubtedly fit for the role if you are someone who:

  • Knows brand positioning and messaging
  • Can develop effective campaign proposals and decks
  • Has remarkable writing skills
  • Can distill complex information into crisp documentation
  • Can articulate ideas flawlessly
  • Possesses a positive attitude, is enthusiastic, and initiates things
  • Is dedicated and has strong work ethics
  • Can process and deal with highly technical information
  • Can engage the audience while delivering a presentation
  • Has more than 7 years of experience in the field of marketing campaign production
  • Has previously worked for the client side as well as the agency side
  • Has a focus on technology
  • Has worked on creating award-winning campaigns
  • Has been a part of a rapidly growing organization
  • Is process-oriented
  • Can identify and establish collaborative work processes
  • Doesn’t mind traveling to the UK frequently
  • Resides in Europe
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