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Junior Production Engineer at Consensys

Job Description

The key role of Junior Production Engineer is to evolve & maintain the health of the production environment that runs blockchain through the built of applications with the use of new and trendy technologies. Working on this position means you are required to provide efficient production’s process. And to achieve this role, you must use different engineering principles, manufacturing, management science, and technology.

Being a Junior Production engineer at Consensys means you need a superior knowledge about the entire process of manufacturing since from the very beginning up to the end. You are also expected to respond quickly to unexpected situations. Our developing team is urgently seeking an innovative, qualified, and reliable Junior Production Engineer and help the company improve the processes of the production and optimize it for total efficiency.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan, manage and supervise the production’s elements of the company.
  • Analyze the current methods of production as well as to assess it.
  • Draft an efficient process of production and develop it as well.
  • Come up and design cost-reductive changes.
  • Make the machine and workers be productive.
  • Following the specifications of products and the measure of quality control.
  • Determining which equipment, machines, tools, etc. that are needed to be used and what station in the company it will be placed.
  • Training, managing, and supervising line workers in production.
  • Improve the efficiency and speed of each process while maintaining the quality.
  • Developing and implementing the measures of quality control which effectively monitor the entire products while guaranteeing the outcome.
  • Make sure that the production runs smoothly and effectively.
  • Educating employees about appropriate methods along with the operating different machines.
  • Hiring technicians so that the machines and equipment are safe and efficient.
  • Working with allotted budget.
  • Communicate with vendors and clients to get the materials needed.

Skills and Requirements

  • BS degree in engineering but a master’s degree is preferred.
  • PE licensure (Professional Engineer)
  • Familiarization with the software of CAD
  • Proficient in Access and Excel
  • At least two years of experience in industrial or production engineering.
  • Managerial experience is desired.
  • Wide knowledge in physics, mechanics, and mathematics.
  • Superior communication skills – written & verbal.
  • The successful candidate must direct and lead employees.
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