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Javascript Developer at Consensys

Job Description

The role and responsibility of Javascript Developer are to implement a front-end logic which defines the aspects of visual application elements of the web’s application. As a Javascript Developer, you are expected to connect every service that is happening on the front-end to the back-end. The JavaScript Developer is supported by web developers of the back-end but is typical works in the line of front-end. Our developing team at Consensys is seeking for highly enthusiast JavaScript Developer that posses a character of being motivated in combining art with programming. Being a JavaScript Developer at Consensys means you are also responsible to implement visual elements as well as the behavior in compliance with user interactions.

The front-end developer who is also known as JavaScript Developer must know how to use advance coding including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript itself in order to construct everything that each user interacts and sees on the website.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Develop new and efficient features of user-facing
  • Come up with reusable codes as well as libraries to use in the future
  • Ensuring the UI and UX designs of technical feasibility
  • Optimizing applications for scalability and maximum speed
  • Assuring that the entire user input is all validated before you submit it to the back-end services.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders as well as other members of the team.
  • Performance of code analysis, code metrics identification, requirement analysis, as well as analysis of software reliability and system risks.
  • Perform balancing, tuning, automation, improvement, and usability.

Skills and Requirements

  • Coding of JavaScript skills
  • Deep understanding of the technology of Blockchain – Etherium to be specific.
  • Familiar with Metamask and web3.js.
  • Background in test-driven and agile development
  • Experience in Jira, Mocha, Git, Chai, Slack, and Jenkins is desired.
  • Willing to share knowledge and ideas with other people especially those who really need it.
  • Superior communication skills, flexible, initiative, teamwork, and must possess efficient leadership
  • Able to solve serious issues and problems that might occur in the future.
  • Experience in Note and Angular is a plus.
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