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Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer at Consensys

Job Description

As an Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer, you are expected to have an in-depth understanding of the lifecycle of software development and different automation tools for the development of digital pipelines such as CI and CD pipelines.

Our company, the Consensys, is urgently seeking for Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer that will be working with staffs of IT department along with the developers to manage the release of codes. At some point, the Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer is somewhat interested in network, sysadmins, deployment operations as well as having a passion for coding and scripting.

Being the Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer at Consensys you have to build a relationship and collaborate with clinicians, other engineers, data scientists, and other people in the Consensys.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design, develop, implement, and manage infrastructure using the methodologies of DevOps.
  • Ensure the availability, scalability, security, automation, and performance of the company’s infrastructure.
  • Ensure the on-process measurement as well as to monitor the infrastructure of Consensys.
  • Maintain and enhance the deployment and build of pipelines for the continuous delivery’s changes and integration in order to improve the availability and quality of the company’s product.
  • Designing disaster-recovery mechanisms.
  • Participate in post-mortem analysis, failure resolution as well as preventions.
  • The successful candidate must be willing to work with other teams of Engineering department along with Chief Software Architect.

Skills and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any relevant field
  • Minimum of three to five years of experience and at least two years of experience on DevOps or Infrastructure Engineering.
  • Background on back-end work with three to five years of experience.
  • Strong skills in a problem-solving and keen eye for detail.
  • Superb communication and able to work with other members of the company.
  • Experience in multiple tools including infrastructure management and AWS.
  • Knowledge of multiple cloud platforms
  • Proficient Git, scripting, and Gif workflows.
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