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Haskell Software Engineer at Kadena

Job Description

Kadena company is seeking for a highly skilled Haskell Software Engineer that is familiar with languages of functional programming. Furthermore, the future Haskell Software Engineer must show and possess willingness and interest in learning the Haskell in building out the new protocol of public-chain, the Chain web as well as strengthening and broadening the company’s work in terms of verifying such smart contracts.

Being a Haskell Software Engineer means you are expected to work with other teams but must know how to drive projects on your own. Applying in this position means you must already know or you already have a deep knowledge and understanding about Haskell or you are willing to learn from our company. Furthermore, you are also expected to join the shop call all-Haskell.

As a Haskell Software Engineer at Kadena, you need to interact with the development of each product. Furthermore, as an Engineer, you need to develop the software made by the design team. You also have to work with the team of software design, programmers, and coders in helping each other to make a functional, improved, and better software.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Working with other teams in the company is needed especially about the different tasks related to programming.
  • Willingness to work with the development and design stages as the software is being created.
  • Plotting out different aspects of each task that are needed with the use of design documentation as well as such flowcharts in illustrating the process.
  • Ability to work under pressure and independently.
  • Proficient in the language of Haskell is highly-desired.
  • Share ideas, opinions, and knowledge with team gatherings and meetings especially to those people who are in need.

Skills and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or any relevant field.
  • Background in coding along with programming.
  • Able to work in business hours.
  • Skills in different languages such as Haskell, Scala, OCaml, Clojure, and F#.
  • Background in the different areas are desired: Network Engineering, Cryptography Engineering, Distributed Systems, Database System, Software Verification or Assurance, and Industrial Haskell Development along with the Production.

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