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Grant Writer & Coordinator at IOHK

Job Description

The role of the grant writer/coordinator is to develop programs suitable for different organizations as well as appropriate proposals. This involves excellent and equal coordination between different parties and the ability to write different proposals effectively. Working at IOHK as a grant writer & coordinator means you’ll be working on a feasibility study specifically on AML or KYC system through blockchain technology. An effective grant writer & coordinator is required to provide business plans as well as drafting proposals for external partners and funders. When it comes to the role of grant coordination, a successful candidate must work with different people in the organization itself, outside supporters, and government agencies to fully understand the requirements.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Design and develop an AML and KYC system through blockchain technology
  • Identify significant shareholders as well as customers within the system, accumulate all the needed requirements, and provide a tabulation of requirements based on established methodologies.
  • Formulate high-quality and effective proposals for R&D and feasibility studies for the implementation of AML and KYC system.
  • Communicate with significant grant authorities, coordinating and obtaining feedback internally.
  • Identify problems that might occur when the stage of proposal development is on-going and come up with an effective solution.
  • Build a relationship and work with IOHK developers as well as the researchers.
  • Manage the execution of grants and projects.

Skills & Requirements

  • Degree in Information Technology, finance, accounting or any related field.
  • Professional qualifications about the compliance of the financial sector or even data controls are a plus.
  • Three to five years of experiences in the related field and want to improve the skills of project management.
  • Experience in leading a feasibility study team is required.
  • The successful candidate will engage in managing a feasibility study. If it’s a success, the candidate will be moved into the role of product development or owner
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