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GHC Web Backend Developer

Here at IOHK, we are firm believers in work culture and it’s important for the making of a successful company. That is why we expect the candidate to be in accordance with our core values of transparency, co-operation, and respect. By definition, open source projects attract developers from all around the world, with many different cultures and beliefs. As IOHK is founded on the premise of bettering open source projects, working comfortably within an amalgamation of different cultures is of utmost importance for us.

We are currently in the search for a backend developer. The candidate is expected to collaborate remotely through various online communication methods, within our unique work environment of diverse backgrounds. You will be working with our in-house programming team, coordinating the backend of the product life-cycle. This includes the design, implementation, testing, and maintaining key functions. You will also be responsible for the configuration of build system support and general improvement in line with improving the user experience. We have no doubt our platform will be of pivotal importance in the upcoming blockchain age and need your help to realize our potential!

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Participating in creating, integrating and managing the Haskell database
  • Creating and operating backend frameworks for server-side software to build upon
  • Integration with cloud computing and API
  • Collaboration and co-operation regarding server-side programming languages
  • Ensuring the optimum distribution of new additions to the software.
  • Security settings and hack prevents
  • Periodic reporting of analytics and statistics to the upper management, making sure everyone involved is up to date.
  • Backing up and safeguarding technologies from malevolent parties.

Skills and Requirements

  • Adaptation to a unique work culture which involves many different backgrounds.
  • 2 or more years of back end development experience in the Haskell platform.
  • Past experience in open source projectsPunctuality and dedication go a long way in a remote workspace.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript and web assembly, as well as Python, is considered a huge plus.


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